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“I got really sad for about two days, and after that I realised, being angry and upset is not going to do anything at this point - if anything it's only going to make it worse," he said at the time.

"Adapt and overcome' is my new motto." Michelle Mitchell, Chief Executive of the MS Society, said diagnosis can be distressing, but there are a variety of ways to deal with symptoms.

1989: While the previous years had been marred by domestic violence, a serious low-point was reached in August 1989.

Ozzy returned home drunk from performing at a music festival and announced, "I’ve decided you have to go," before trying to strangle Sharon, as she later recalled. The family’s MTV reality television show is one of the network’s most successful ever at the time of the first season.

actress joins a number of high-profile people talking about their experiences of MS to raise awareness of the disease, its effects, and what can be done to manage symptoms.

2002: After Sharon was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, she was upset to see it spread in the summer of 2002. Ozzy was the one who had urged her to get a checkup and told the magazine that he was doing a lot of praying for his wife. "She's the best lover I've ever had, the best friend I've ever had.Jack Osbourne was all smiles in a new photo with dad Ozzy Osbourne and daughter Pearl this week.The 31-year-old television personality shared a sweet picture with Ozzy, 68, and Pearl, 5, while returning from a family trip for premiered on the History channel in July.Believe it or not, I used to be way more into music than I am now.When I was 15 years old, I started working at a record company.

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