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As it happens, the prevailing stereotype of the Fifty Shades of Grey reader, distilled in the condescending term “mommy porn,” as an older, suburban, possibly Midwestern woman isn’t entirely accurate: according to the publisher’s data, gleaned from Facebook, Google searches, and fan sites, more than half the women reading the book are in their 20s and 30s, and far more urban and blue state than the rampant caricature of them suggests.Culture delivered to your inbox The current vogue for domination is not confined to surreptitious i Pad reading: in Lena Dunham’s acclaimed new series, Girls, about 20-somethings adrift in New York City, a similar desire for sexual submission has already emerged as a theme.Then the Mistress began to disrobe me, pulling down my bloomers and knickers until only my bare flesh was exposed. "We cannot allow such recklessness to go unpunished, and she shall be all the better for it, you will see.My face smarted with shame and tears as I heard the Master approach, quietly asking, "Is this really necessary, my dear? Having it in front of our guests will only enhance the punishment," she added coyly, "and besides, they might find it amusing."Her husband shrugged.

Mostly hot ass cheerleaders enjoying the dick in the lockers.To a certain, I guess, rather large, population, it has a semipornographic glamour, a dangerous frisson of boundary crossing, but at the same time is delivering reassuringly safe, old-fashioned romantic roles.Reading Fifty Shades of Grey is no more risqué or rebellious or disturbing than, say, shopping for a pair of black boots or an arty asymmetrical dress at Barneys.Why have masses of women brought the book to the top of the New York Times bestseller list before it even hit the stores?Most likely it’s the happy convergence of the superficial transgression with comfortable archetypes, the blushing virgin and the whips.

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"Once they realise how cute they look in a school uniform, they can't wait to get down to and recapture the carefree security of their teenage years." Kim Rogers, a twenty-nine-year-old accountant, from South Bend, Indiana, is typical of the hundreds of US women who are turning their backs on the responsibilities of adulthood and baring their bottoms to the parental paddle.

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