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We also didn't socialise a lot during shooting because if I talked to her, that would have ruined her headspace and I didn't need to go to Rani's headspace. I had a moment when I met Akshay (Kumar) for the first time and he asked me if I had seen the original. I was thinking if I could just lie now and go home and quickly see it before I saw him again (laughs)! We all live together in one big house in Breach Candy. My dad is a motivational speaker, life coach and HR consultant.So I hung out with the director Vikas Bahl and the ADs (laughs). I always feel a bit funny when I say I am being picky because I don't want to sound pricey at all but I think it's rare that roles like Queen come along. There are some other films that I might be signing but I think I will just follow my intuition. But I didn't and I am glad because only the format of the movie is the same, but the storyline and the characterisations are quite different. My mom helps my sister Julia with her ballet school and she also runs my organic cosmetics company, Naked.Neville Wadia's father, Sir Ness Wadia, was one such entrepreneur, responsible for turning Bombay into one of the world's largest cotton trading centres in the late 19th century.

Ever since the advent of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008, actress Preity Zinta and Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh have been romantically linked, a buzz which got stronger when Yuvraj played for Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), a side that Preity co-owns.The franchise was bought for £44 million in 2008 and is now valued at around £150 million.I am meeting Lisa Haydon for the first time and she's a delight! Vijayalakshmi doesn't care what people think about her and lives life in an honest way and that's why she gets away with it because she is so clean inside. When we meet at events, we say hello and chat warmly, but keeping in touch? Do you keep in touch with every journalist you work with? It's difficult because our lives are so different and we don't have the time. I consider it a privilege that I get to connect with so many people closely working on a film. Why would I call her and ask her if I should be doing it? The last time I saw her when I was with Sid Mallya shooting for Kingfisher's calendar girls and she came down as a guest appearance. I have got lots of offers similar to what I played in Queen and I like playing free-spirited characters, but would like to do varied roles.Two years later she played a single pregnant woman in Kya Kehna which challenged the taboo in India surrounding unmarried mothers.In 2003 she was the only Bollywood star to give evidence against gangsters accused of extortion and won a bravery award for taking the stand after several other leading men, including Shah Rukh Khan, withdrew their statements.

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Though born a Christian - his father had renounced the Zoroastrian faith of the Parsees and converted to Christianity - Wadia became a Parsee a few years ago amidst much controversy.

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